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World Development Movement


WDM World Development Movement
Category Governmental, United Nations


WDM Governmental, United Nations
TNWM Miscellaneous, Unclassified
WKM Community, Religion
WMD Miscellaneous, Unclassified
WTM Miscellaneous, Unclassified
WFM Governmental, Politics
WRM Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WPM Community, Religion
WMGD Computing, Networking
WFMC Regional, Canadian
WOSM Community, Scouting
WRFM Community, Non-Profit Organizations
MDD Community, Development
NMRD Community, Development
CYDM Community, Youth
YSMD Community, Development
UMEED Community, Development
DAMMS-MPM Governmental, Military
NMLA Governmental, Military
NWD Business
WMD Community, Development
WDR Community, Development
WDF Governmental, United Nations
WBDA Miscellaneous, Awards & Medals
WFDP Governmental, United Nations
WADP Miscellaneous, Hobbies
WSSD Community, Development
WWDA Community, Development
WCDP Governmental, United Nations
WEDF Community, Conferences
WFED Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WIDP Governmental, United Nations
WTDR Governmental, United Nations
WSDS Community, Development
WFDD Community, Religion
WVID Business, Companies & Firms
WSSD Community, Development
WSSD Community, Development
WCSD Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WBDM Business, Banking
WCED Governmental, Environmental
WVRD Governmental, United Nations
WFDD Community, Religion
WWDR Academic & Science, Ocean Science
WRED Community, Development
WTDC Computing, Telecom
WYDF Community, Youth
ECDW Medical, Clinical Medicine
WADA Community, Non-Profit Organizations
WDRF Community, Development
WDDF Medical, Dental
WTDC 2002 Computing, Telecom
WBCSD Governmental, Council
WTDC 98 Computing, Telecom
WBCSD Business, General
WTDC 2003 Computing, Telecom
WWDR Governmental, United Nations
WNS Miscellaneous, Hobbies
WHII.5 Academic & Science, Universities
WHII.9 Academic & Science, Universities